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    1. 台湾标准电机SEW仪器仪表--863 PR Phase Sequence Indicator
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        863 PR   Phase Sequence Indicator
        863 PR
         Two functions in one unit. Including open phase, phase sequence.
         Large size alligator clips. Can easily clip on switch-boards terminals.
         Highly reliable. Identifies 3 phase sequence and open phase check.
         Functional design. This model is ideal for installing conveyor lines, pump systems and interconnected drivers.
         Water proof.
          CAT III 600V.
         Special test leads length are available on request.
        Input Voltage 100-600V AC
        Frequency Range 45-70 Hz
        Circuit Structure All electronic (not mechanical)
        AC Power Consumption Approx. 7mA per phase rotation field indicator
        Dimensions 102(L) x 78(W) x 32.5(D) mm
        Weight 228g
        Accessories Vinyl case
        Instruction manual
        特 點
        ● 量測三相電源的相序和欠相狀況,在了解狀況後,再行正確接電,可確保不被燒毀和正常運作。
        ● 使用大型鱷魚夾,方便夾住端子。
        ● 適合馬達製造業、水電裝配業和電工電機人員運用。
        ● 測試線長度可隨客戶需要設計。
        ● 符合 CAT Ⅲ 500V
        規 格

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