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    1. 台湾标准电机SEW仪器仪表--286 SVD High Voltage Testers Personal Safety Voltage Detector
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        286 SVD   High Voltage Testers
        Personal Safety Voltage Detector  
        286 SVD
         Non-contact voltage detection 110V~11.4KV.
         Compact, easy to wear and convenient in use.
         Usable both indoor and outdoor.
         Water-proof design.
         Equipped with self-testing functions.
         Sound and flash light warning of different frequencies varied positively with sensed voltages.
         Able to sense all kinds of AC High Voltage System.
         Low power consumption.
         The 286 SVD is a sensor for sensing AC High Voltage(110V~11.4KV). It provides electric engineering personnel, power engineering personnel, firefighting personnel and instrument equipment workers with prominent warning when approaching high voltage and for taking necessary safety action, preventing illusion and misjudgment which could lead to electric shock.
         When a person wearing the 286 SVD is approaching a high voltage source or equipment, the sensor will detect automatically, the buzzer will generate a beeping warning sound, and the LED light will flash to remind operator that the user is approaching a high voltage source and special attention shall be given to the safety of operations.
         METHOD OF USE
         Inspection before use :
         (1) Check the appearance and structure for any abnormality.
         (2) Press Self-Test switch (about 10 seconds) to confirm all functions are working normally.
         (3) To be careful and to avoid misjudgment, test the unit by contacting AC 110V insulated wire with its front side to see if it sounds and flashes.
         Wearing :
         Wear the unit to the outer side of fore arm with the sensing side faces outwardly. The effect is best when the sensing side is facing high voltage in right angle (90 degree). When it is worn at the inner side of arm or is covered by cloth, the sensitivity is poorer.
        Voltage Detection distance
        110V 2cm +/- 0.3cm
        600V 6.7cm +/- 0.5cm
        1KV 11.5cm +/- 1.0cm
        2KV 22.5cm +/- 1.0cm
        6KV 57cm +/- 1.5cm
        8KV 71.5cm +/- 2.5cm
        11.4KV 84cm +/- 3.0cm
        Applicable Frequency 50/60 Hz
        Volume 70 dB or higher at 1 meter distance
        Operating Temp. & Humidity 5 degree C ~ 45 degree C / 80%RH
        Outside Dimensions 59(L) x 56(W) x 18(H) mm
        Weight 35g (battery included)
        Battery Type CR2032
        Battery Life 50 hours for continuous use
        Accessories Elastic cord, Band, Bracket, Instruction manual and Battery
        特 點

        ● 286 SVD是感知交流高電壓的一種感知器,它提供給電機工程人員、電力工程人員、消防人員及
        ● 配戴286 SVD,在接近高電壓時,感知器即自動偵測。感知結果,蜂鳴器發出嗶-嗶-嗶-短促聲音,
        ● 體積小,配戴容易,方便使用。
        ● 室外室內均可使用。.
        ● 作防水設計。
        ● 具有自我測試功能。
        ● 聲音和閃亮隨電壓高低感知狀況作不同頻率的警示。
        ● 耗電量低。

        1. 本感知器僅供輔助驗電器使用,旨在工程作業人員獲得警示,多一重保障。不可以感知器
        2. 蜂鳴器內有防水膜,不可用尖狀物刺破。
        3. 不宜長期置於屋外或汽車內,避免曝晒和高溫。
        4. 感知器不可重摔或強力碰撞。若不意摔碰,應先檢視和自我測試確定無虞後再使用。
        5. 不慎被雨水淋濕時,先取出電池後置於陰涼處所自然乾燥。
        6. 儲存時,應將感知器放入防靜電袋,以保持乾燥,防止磁場干擾。
        規 格

        開始警示距離 11.4kV(對地電壓6.6kV)-80公分
        適用頻率 50 / 60 Hz
        音量 距離1公尺 > 70 dB
        操作溫濕度 0°C~40°C 80% R.H.
        電池壽命 連續使用,約50小時
        外形尺寸 59(長) x 56(寬) x 18(高)mm
        重量 約35公克(含電池)
        使用電池 DC3V(CR2032)電池一個

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