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    1. 台湾标准电机SEW仪器仪表--190 CBI Circuit Breaker Identifier
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        190 CBI   Circuit Breaker Identifier  
        110 ~ 120 VAC  
        190 CBI
         190 CBI is an easy tool to find the circuit breaker or fuse supplying electrical power to an outlet or lighting fixture
         Just plug the transmitter into the outlet
         Use the receiver to scan the circuit bearker panel box
         An audible tone will be clearly heard when the right circuit breaker is scanned
         Is is not necessary to shut off power to find the right circuit breaker or fuse
         190 CBI is an ideal tool for both automated office environments where disruption of power is not practical, as well as in residential applications
         The plug of transmitter is changeable
         The plug of transmitter could be changed for customer's requirement from different countries
         Quickly identifies and locates 110 ~ 120 VAC circuit breakers and fuses
         It is not necessary to interrupt power
         Audible tone generated when matching breaker is located
         It is an easy way to identify location of circuit breaker on the circuit breaker panel box which is connected to a specific outlet
        Operation Voltage 110 ~ 120 VAC
        Operaton Frequency 50 / 60 Hz
        Transmitter Power Powered by wall outlet
        Receiver Power 9V battery
        Accessories Instruction manual, 9V battery
        Safety Standard : 01
        特 點
        ● 提供檢測、確認斷路器(俗稱總開關),和各插座之間的關係。
        1.通常在新建築完成時,斷路器箱(總開關 箱)需要進 行各開關的標示時,使用190 CBI,
        或190 CBI為Z 佳時機。
        2.在未標示或標示不明的開關箱,想要確認電器設備 連接的開關,以便關閉電源,進行
        電器設備修理, 此時,可應用本檢測計。
        規 格

        2.打開總開關箱,手持接收器(Receiver),打開感度 調整鈕,前端接近斷路器。
        3.接收器逐一檢測斷路器,並調整感度,聲音會隨感 度的強弱而大小。
        4.當聲音出現Z大聲時,即表示該斷路器連接到插座 ,即可進行確認,予以標示或作其他動作。

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