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    1. 台湾标准电机SEW仪器仪表--1826 NA Loop Testers
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        1826 NA   Loop Testers
        1826 NA
         Measures Earth Resistance without the need for poles in the ground or external measuring wires.
         Earth Measurement uses the real earth current path and the current generated by the electric network without the need for any disconnection.
         The Earth Resistance displayed is exactly the earth resistance that the earth current will need to go through is an earth fault occurs. (you do not need to add all the bonding points and connection paths resistances)
         Dispalys voltage supply at the transformer (Line to Neutral) without loading the transformer.
         Displays voltage between Line (phase) and Earth (Ground) without drawing any current.
         Measures the Impedance of the Line itself so you can analyzes and differentiate between the multiples paths of the wiring.
         Measures the Neutral Impedance.
         Single One Smart Push button operation; ON, Test, Scroll through results and menus.
         Checks wiring integrity (LEDs).
         Auto-off/auto-ranging (software ranging).
         Microprocessor controlled.
         Combined Prospective Short circuit Current, Loop, individual wire and Earth Tester.
         Voltage test L-N and L-E.
         Loop test for L-E and L-n and PSC.
         Enables analysis of consituent components in L-E and L-N loops giving resistance of earth, neutral wire, live wire and transformer winding.
         Test leads, shoulder belt user is manual, batteries included.
         The Display can be customized for large orders.
         CAT III 300V.
         The 1826 NA is the first portable electrical network analyzer. It has a built in Earth tester which does not require the use of poles or long wires. This instrument is useful for fault-finding or commissioning of electrical installations.
         Differentiation between the Line (hot), Neutral and Earth (ground) path by reading their values has never been so easy. Bad contacts, old wiring or bad earth path are quickly identified. Faulty electrical network can be resolved in a fraction of the time normally required using conventional equipment.
         Down time due to a faulty electrical network is minimal as the fault can be identified and diagnosed quickly. Find which wire need to be attended to and why (find those old wires with high impedance before a fire starts, and replace them). The complete electrical network can be analyzed by scrolling though the results.
        Loop Impedance Range L-E 0.03 Ohm ~ 2000 Ohm (Software Ctrl)
        Test Currents In Each Loop 11.76A at 230V/50Hz
        Voltage Measurement L-E. L-N 50 to 280V AC (Sine)
        Earth Wire/Path Return Resistance 0.01 - 2000 Ohm (Software Ctrl)
        Neutral Wire Resistance 0.01 - 2000 Ohm (Software Ctrl)
        Line Wire Resistance & transformer Windings 0.01 - 2000 Ohm (Software Ctrl)
        PSC Current (L-N) Max 6kA at 230Vac supply
        PSC Current (L-E) Max 6kA at 230Vac supply
        Operating Voltage 230V +/- 20 at 50Hz Sine
        Loop Impedance 4%rdg+/-2dgt
        PSC Current 10%rdg+/-5dgt
        Voltage 2%rdg+/-1dgt
        Operating-Temperature-Humidity -10 degree C to +40 degree C 80% max. relative humidity
        Dimensions 170(L) x 165(W) x 92(D)mm
        Weight Appox. 970g (battery is included)
        Power Source 1.5V (AA) x 8 batteries
        Accessories Test leads (AL-34)
        Shoulder belt (BET-1800)
        Instruction manual, batteries
        特 點
        ● 微處理器系統控制設計。
        ● 採用寬廣的16字×2(行)的液晶顯示器。
        ● 可以檢查線的狀況。
        ● 自動換檔功能。
        ● 自動關機功能。
        ● 可量測 L-E和L-N的交流電壓
        ● 只需使用一個測試按鍵,即可進行各項功能檢測。
        ● 可儲存前一次的量測值。
        ● 電池耗電量微小。

        CAT III 300V
        規 格 (23°C±5°C <80%R.H.)
        迴路阻抗量測範圍 0.03-2000Ω
        測試迴路電流 11.76A at 230V/50Hz
        量測電壓(L-N.L-E) 50-280V AC
        預期Z大短路電流(L-N) 6KA/230V AC
        預期Z大短路電流(L-E) 6KA/230V AC
        操作電壓 230V±20V/50Hz
        迴路阻抗準確度 ±4%讀值±2位數
        預期短路電壓 ±10%讀值±5位數
        操作電壓準確度 ±2%讀值±1位數
        操作溫濕度 -10oC-40oC 80%Z大相對濕度
        外形尺寸 170(長)×165(寬)×92(高)mm
        重量(含電池) 約970克
        使用電池 1.5V(AA)×8(顆)

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