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    1. 台湾标准电机SEW仪器仪表--1125 IN Insulation Testers Up To 1 kV Analog
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        1125 IN   Insulation Testers
        Up To 1 kV (Analog)  
        1125 IN
         High quality Taut Band movement.
         It is a light and portable combination instrument for testing insulation (M Ohm) and AC voltage.
         LED indication works when testing insulation.
         Use a high efficiency and accurate DC-Dc converter.
         Battery check facility.
         AC voltage measurement can be made without depressing the test button.
          CAT III 600V.
        Test Voltage (DC V) 500V
        Output Voltage on Open Circuit Rated test voltage +10%
        Measuring Ranges (Mid-scale value) 0 - 1000M Ohm (20M Ohm)
        Accuracy 1 - 500M Ohm +/- 5% rdg, 0.7% of scale length at other ranges
        Short Circuit Current 1 mA
        AC VOLTAGE
        Range 0 - 600V
        Accuracy +/- 2.5% of full scale
        Operating Temperature & Humidity 0 degree ~ 40 degree C relative humidity up to 85%
        Storage Temperature & Humidity - 0 degree ~ 50 degree C relative humidity up to 75%
        Power Source 1.5V (SUM-3. R6. AA) x 8
        Dimensions 175(L) x 85(W) x 75(H) mm
        Weight Approx. 560g (battery included)
        Accessories Test leads
        Instruction manual
        Carring case (Optional)
        Shoulder belt
        特 點

        ● 吊線式高品質防震表頭。
        ● 具有絕緣阻抗(MΩ)和交流電壓(ACV)量測等兩種功能。
        ● 絕緣阻抗量測時,有紅燈(LED)指示。
        ● 電池電源大小檢查功能設計。
        ● 交流電壓量測不必按鍵可直接量測。
        ● 輕便、堅固、易於攜帶使用和收藏。

        規 格 (23°C±5°C <80%R.H.)
        量測電壓(DCV) 500V
        量測電壓Z大容許 額定電壓 +10%
        量測範圍 0-1000MΩ
        中間刻度 20MΩ
        準確度 1-500MΩ : ± 5% 讀值
        短路電流 1mA
        量測範圍 0-500V
        精確度 ± 2.5% 滿刻度
        操作溫濕度 0°C ~ 40°C Z大相對濕度85%
        儲存溫濕度 -10°C ~ 50°C Z大相對濕度85%
        外形尺寸 175(長)×85(寬)×75(高)mm
        重量 約560克(含電池)
        使用電池 1.5V (AA) × 8 (顆)

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